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Oregon native Kristin Dickinson formed Boss Bitch because it’s in her blood. Her great aunt is Jeannette Rankin, who was the first woman to hold federal office in the US.  Kristin has always been a headstrong woman – she would hold sit-ins in high school and would protest for injustices. This character she created with Boss Bitch is her life story. The brand is completely her through and through. She wants to encourage political activity. Kristin feels competition is great but not where we knock down our fellow sisters. She feels strongly that in this day and age we have a chance to be the next Gloria Steinem. 

Kristin is vocal with her idea that woman shouldn’t be afraid of being labeled a bitch. If the current “rules” don’t fit for your life – happiness, friendship, sisterhood – then they aren’t the right rules. Make your own rules.

Don’t be afraid to message Ms. Dickinson to grab a cocktail with you.



1. Tell me what Boss Bitch is. 

Boss Bitch designs are my way of reminding all of you Boss Bitches that you are strong, brilliant and beautiful. Use your power. Your power is YOU!  Whether you just raided a Fortune 500 Company and celebrated that success with martini-soaked cartwheels across Jackson Square sans undies, own your strength. Make your own rules. Be strong. Be crazy. Be amazing. Be inappropriate. Be you! Kiss your inner Boss Bitch on the cheek and send her out to make shit happen!

 Basically, I use inappropriate humor to empower, embrace, and engage women. 


2. How long have you been in business? 

My first pop up was in the middle of 2017.


3. How do people find you online? 

bossbitchdesign.com, Facebook, Instagram @bossbitchdesign and Etsy.


4. What is lesser known about your business that you wish more people knew? 

That I exist!

Right now we are living in a time of negativity and you have to find humor in something. The best way to connect is finding one thing you have a common and sometimes it’s a dirty joke.


5. Lagniappe Info. 

You can buy my shirts and undies at Southern Swing Nail Bar on Magazine St. Or I will deliver to you if you’re in town! Use Instagram to DM me.

Change can happen within 6 blocks of your home. Link arms with the women next door, empower the women around you and get involved in your community.

You are not a damsel in distress. Rescue yourself. This is a city of strong women and you should focus on the joy of living.


Want to carry Boss Bitch in your store? Contact Kristin directly at kristindickinsonnola@gmail.com


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