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Chicken on the Bone is a New Orleans based rock band. Bass player and founder, Robert Heindel is a 4th generation New Orleanian that spent years patrolling the streets of this fair city before pursuing his dream – to play music professionally.

Starting off as a garage band, Chicken on the Bone found themselves playing in local bars. Robert wanted to take the band to a more professional level. He was booking gigs at weddings, school fairs, and even casinos in other cities and states. All of a sudden, they were booked up and playing music for a living. Bourbon Street came calling for them in 2009 and they have been there since.

Robert is also accompanied by their lead singer Sarah Rudolph, lead guitarist Perrin Isaac, keyboardist Melvin Graziano, drummer Todd Schouest, and John Heindel is the percussionist, lead tambourine man, & singer as well.

Fun fact! John & Robert are brothers!


1. Tell me about Chicken On The Bone. 

We are a party rock band. We are the biggest band no one has ever heard of!


2. How long have you been a band?

18 years now. We have been on Bourbon Street for 9 years.


3. How do people find you online? 

chickenonthebone.com, Facebook, and Instagram @chickenontheboneband


4. What is lesser known about your business that you wish more people knew? 

We wish that more local people knew about us. There is some great entertainment on Bourbon Street. We play for lots of tourists, but would for the locals to come party with us too.


5. Lagniappe Info. 

We have the best female singer in all of the South.

You don’t have to wait till 10 pm to find us. We start in the afternoon and play into the evening.

If you stay late enough, you can hear us play some great punk rock music too.


Find Chicken on the Bone Thursday – Sunday at Bourbon Bandstand, located at 441 Bourbon Street. 


Learn more about the New Orleans neighborhood, the French Quarter. 


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