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Heather Eason & Bob Conley are the founders of the non-profit Comeback Coolers. While Heather is in Ocean Springs, MS, you can find Bob right on the Westbank of New Orleans.

Comeback Coolers provide relief after natural disasters by providing aid and support when people are in desperate need. Heather, Bob, and crew drop off ice-filled coolers with drinks, beer, oranges, and wet wipes to these storm-ridden areas.  Every cooler is decorated and has notes of encouragement on the outside of it.

Eason & Conley provide kids coolers are well. They are smaller and about the size of a lunch pack. Those are filled with toys and stuffed animals.

They have not forgotten about the lineman either. All those hard workers out there trying to restore your power – they donate coolers to them too. Athlete’s foot powder, socks, and a neck towel can be found in those.

Everything is donation based and the now have chapters in Florida, Texas, and the Carolinas.



1. Tell me more! 

It all started with the Denham Springs flood. We just started asking for old ice chests and donations to bring out there. We needed making two trips out there and seeing how well these coolers went over.

In 2017, we found ourselves in Vidor, TX  for Hurricane Harvey. Before heading out there, we had a woman reach out to us that got a cooler the year prior. She wanted to pay it forward and help it out. We needed up donating over 200 Comeback Coolers in Texas.

Comeback Coolers also helped out for Hurricane Irma relief in Jacksonville that year.

In 2018, we sent coolers out to North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida for hurricanes Florence & Michael.

There was a woman in Texas, who didn’t even get a cooler, who helped us get 500 cooler donations last year. We ended up giving out 1000 coolers in 2018.

People just keep paying it forward and we can’t be more excited by that!


2. How long have you been in business? 

2016 – we hope to be around for many more years!


3. How do people find you online? 

Comebackcoolers.com, Facebook, and Instagram @comebackcoolers


4. What is lesser known about your business that you wish more people knew? 

All of our coolers are decorated and we never send them out without making sure that happens. They are filled with art and words of inspiration. We try to take photos of the people we get to deliver them to (obviously being sensitive to the situation going on around us) so we can share who received and made them. A lot of friendship shave been formed over these coolers.


5. Lagniappe Info. 

So many of our donations come from previous storm survivors. It’s amazing. People seem to love donating to this because they see where their money goes.

While we are a very small organization, but once we put a call out for coolers  – we can get them to people in 8 to 10 days.

Since we are officially a 501c3, you can make donations to us on Facebook! When you have your birthday fundraisers on Facebook, think about us!

Our inaugural fundraiser will be June 1st in Ocean Springs, MS. It will be held at the Ocean Springs Yacht Club.

We won the Hardee’s All-Star award and got a $10k contribution recently!


To make a donation to Comeback Coolers, click here! 



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