365 New Orleans: Community Care for NOLA Teachers

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School social worker, Sam King, started Community Care for NOLA Teachers as the school year was ramping back up and she knew her teacher friends were stressed.

The project is simple: anyone who would like to send a gift to a local school teacher can just fill out a simple form. Once it’s filled out, you will be contacted with your “teacher match” and they will let you know what forms of self-care they practice so you can tailor the gift to their liking.



Tell us how all of this got started! 

Teaching is hard! Teaching during a pandemic was unimaginable a year ago. Yet teachers across the city developed new ways to teach for a hybrid re-opening of schools, pivoted to completely virtual, and are back to planning for a hybrid re-opening next month.

It is wild what teachers have done for their students and the families they serve. I created this project as a way to promote the well-being of teachers. This shouldn’t surprise me, because teachers are constantly putting the needs of their students before their own, but I have been surprised by the number of teachers who have requested supplies for their students, instead of themselves.



What is something that might surprise many about this project? 

We have been able to match over 110 teachers with donors, but still have 36 teachers (and counting) that have not yet been matched. 



How do people connect with teachers who haven’t been matched yet?

Instagram @book_wyrmling and Linktree https://linktr.ee/book_wyrmling



Hit the Linktree app to care for a local teacher in New Orleans!


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