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Allison (marketing manager) & Serah (Executive Vice President) from Get Online NOLA sat down with me to talk about this company they absolutely LOVE working for! 


Get Online NOLA was born out of love for New Orleans and the businesses that make our city unique and economy grow. Bringing companies online and building a powerful digital presence is what we do best.
We have been creating custom websites in New Orleans for almost a decade. Along the way we have added digital marketing services to further aid your business, gaining our client’s new fans and ultimately increasing revenue.
We’re here to help; no matter your budget or digital know-how. Consulting, branding, and marketing services are just as needed in your tool-kit as a beautiful website. We can help guide you, or have us take the reins and do it for you.



1. I mean, your bio basically gives me all the info – anything else to add? 

Anything you need for marketing, we are either currently doing it or have done it previously.

We particularly love working with small to medium-sized companies to give them an equal marketing landscape.

Get Online NOLA can help with digital ads, social media, PR, print advertising – just about whatever you can think of! WE can do anything under the marketing umbrella. And we’re local!


2. How long have you been in business? 

Our founder and fearless leader Wendy started in 2008, but it was under a different name then. We have been known as Get Online NOLA since 2014.


3. How do people find you online? 

Well…. we have a lot of links!


4. What is lesser known about your business that you wish more people knew? 

We do lots of outreach work to help new entrepreneurs. Not everyone has a budget for marketing costs when they first start, but we want this to be available to everyone.

We offer free marketing workshops with other small business incubators. When small businesses in New Orleans succeed, we all succeed.

We have more advanced workshops coming up too; for example, how to build your own WordPress website. This will one will be in early May 2019.


5. Lagniappe Info. 

No matter the allocation you have for marketing, we can work with you. We will find what’s the most important component to work on and go from there.

Make sure to use our website to sign up for our newsletter! You can keep up with workshops and other fun marketing information!

While our main focus is local business, we do have clients all over the country.

We LOVE getting nerdy about what we know. Helping other entrepreneurs and talking about what we do is fun for us.

We offer free strategy sessions. Let’s sit down and talk about your goals. We can talk about what we offer and what we might do to help them.


Contact Allison & Serah directly via email serah@getonlinenola.com


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