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Originally from New York, but now calling the Lower Garden District home, Lizy Freudmann found herself in New Orleans getting her MBA & a master in Global Management degree from Tulane. She stuck around after that because she just loved New Orleans and truly cared about the people here.

Lizy started One More Thing, LLC before making New Orleans her permanent home. Just because she is in Louisiana doesn’t mean she can’t, or won’t, serve clients in other areas as well.


1. What products and services do you offer? 

My clients usually come to me because they recognize that something isn’t working with the communications and outreach plan they have now. Something isn’t clicking, maybe because the market has changed, or their content is stale, or they simply aren’t reaching the right people and don’t know how to fix that. Other clients come to me because they don’t have the expertise (or time) to handle the ongoing upkeep that is necessary in any successful marketing campaign. The specific goals they have vary, for example I might work with them to develop a brand voice, or design and implementing an aggressive sales strategy, or help them find and build relationships with strategic partners.


2. How long have you been in business? 

Officially, One More Thing LLC has been a company in Louisiana since 2014! Before that, my business was technically California-based, because I started picking up marketing and communications projects as a side hustle when I lived in California and worked at Universal Music Group Distribution. After I finished grad school in 2013 and decided to make a real go of it, I wanted to transition to Louisiana because frankly, it is really very important to me to be part of the business community here, both in person and officially.  


3. How do people find you online? 

Information on my business is available at OneMoreThingLLC.com, and my LinkedIn Profile is https://www.linkedin.com/in/lfreudmann. To reach me directly, my email is Lizy@onemorethingLLC.com. If you’re interested in seeing pictures of my dogs, my Instagram is @leafeaf.


4. What is lesser known about your business that you wish more people knew? 

People think marketing, especially “digital marketing” (which incidentally, is just regular marketing only done on digital platforms) is as simple as a pithy quote and a nice graphic. That’s definitely part of it, and memorable content is key. But before you can get to that you have to think about the more technical and less glamorous parts that are going to be the foundation upon which everything else is built. It’s important to take the time to do this, even if it mostly involves identifying what you don’t know and what assumptions you’re basing your decisions off of. Developing buyer personas, articulating your value proposition, identifying differentiators and competitive advantages– all that groundwork will inform strategy and help with decision making in the future. Without it, it’s nearly impossible to have meaningful goals, benchmarks, or hypothesis testing.


5. What’s your favorite aspect or project you’ve worked on?

Helping clients find their authentic voice, and coming up with campaigns and goals that really leverage it!


You can find Lizy at a coffee shop near you toiling away on her computer! Email her directly at lizy@onemorethingllc.com


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