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Zana Ranđelović-Brown considers herself an “art gypsy”, migrating throughout the world, searching for inspiration, celebrating life and painting from the heart. Her work is a joyful expression of the beauty of nature and the feminine soul. A native of Serbia, you can find Zana painting on the deck of her Metairie home

Meeting Zana in person brings an overwhelming calm to your day. She was warm, soft, and inviting. As we sat on her back patio, with a large canvas being painted in the background, you can imagine her working in this peaceful setting. I could have sat there all day talking about different cultures, travel, and her 3-year-old tortoise Lola. While she is not defined by one art style, you can see that she has elegance and grace, much like herself.


1. What products and services do you offer? 

I am a mixed media artist. Figurative abstract painter. I can’t quite pinpoint it, I just do it. I mostly paint but other times I will work with pencils, ink, watercolors. I sculpt sometimes. There is no strict rule on what I do.


2. How long have you been creating art? 

Since I was a child I began loving art. In elementary school, I had pieces that ended up in the city gallery. I was growing up in war-torn Serbia though and being an artist for a living was an irrational thing to think about. The economy and infrastructure were ruined there. But, I had teachers who believed in me and sent my pieces off and they would win awards! When I went to university, I became a landscape architecture – bring creative and functional together. But I just didn’t love it. I liked pure art. I studied interior design as well.

I was mainly painting for myself for the longest time. I was giving my art away to any friends who said they liked it. Then people started buying it. I dropped everything else and started just painting.


3. How do people find you online? 

zanabrownstudio.com, Facebook, and Instagram @zanabrownstudio


4. What is lesser known about your business that you wish more people knew? 

Every summer I go back to Serbia to paint. I paint half of the time here in New Orleans and half of my time there. I go to the Eastern Serbian mountains. It’s my camp to create. Then I travel a bit in Europe and then go back and paint more from the inspiration I got.


5. Lagniappe Info. 

I have showrooms throughout the South in Covington, Baton Rouge and even Jackson, Mississippi. I have showrooms in Serbia as well.


Contact Zana directly at zanabrownstudio@gmail.com


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