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Lake Vista Homes For Sale

  Been dreaming of life in Lake Vista? You aren’t alone! This New Orleans neighborhood has mid-century moderns, newer contemporary, and more traditional-style homes. Lake Vista development began in the 1930s and remains a popular area for many. While home prices tend to be higher, you won’t find many that are under 2500 square feet.… Read more »


Don’t sleep your nights away: What’s for sale in the French Quarter

  Raucous, late-night, and passing a good time all are words associated with French Quarter living. While there are parts of the Quarter that are seemingly quieter than others, you can almost always find a tourist or line cook wandering down any street, at any time of the night. Vieux Carre living is not for… Read more »


Price Per Square Foot: Why we don’t price your house that way

  If your New Orleans real estate agent is pricing your single-family or multi-family home (not a condo!) based on price per square foot (PPSQ) – it’s time to find a new agent.   There are a couple of reasons that great real estate agents don’t use this method:   Appraisers don’t use it Yep.… Read more »