Don’t Rock the Jukebox

New Orleans Bars


You’re sitting at your favorite watering hole, enjoying a bottle of the finest Abita they offer. You get up, with a fresh dollar bill, to play some sweet tunes on the jukebox. Only you get there to find it’s one of those dreaded TouchTunes machines. These so called jukeboxes allow you to find almost any song you want to hear. Why is that a bad thing? Because it is! No, seriously, when the whole bar is swaying to some Motown and the one guy decides to play death metal, it can ruin the whole vibe of a bar.

There are a few bars left in New Orleans who have a great jukebox. Go rustle up a few dollar bills and hit them up around town.


The Saint

You can play anything from Joy Division to Sam Cooke. During the week they have free jukebox night too. Just don’t show up too early, this is a later evening type bar.


The Abbey

As my friend Paige exclaimed, “They still have The Cramps on it!”


Brothers Three Lounge

People love their TWO old school country jukeboxes. You will hear a lot of Johnny Cash, Johnny Horton, Willie Nelson, & George Jones.


Pete’s Out in the Cold

With 3 plays for a dollar, you will find the music selections don’t go further than the mid-90s. You can find an odd mix with Rebirth, Shania Twain, Tear for Fears, & James Brown.


The Dungeon 

If you like metal.



There is a variety on the jukebox, but they also have a lot of train themed songs.


If you know of other great jukeboxes in the city, send me a note.