Favorite Things 2017

Sing along, folks!  “Here are a few of my favorite things!” 

I have a tendency that once I find something I love, I can’t stop talking about it. While many “best of” lists will all be bars & restaurants, I’m going to mix this up a bit. I mean, we can’t not mention food in a New Orleans post, but let me open your eyes to other aspects too.


Favorite Instagram

There are many Instagram accounts that bring me joy. But, the one that has totally enamored is RoamingNOLA. She started walking around the city to get in better shape. In the summer of ’16, she amped up the amount of her posts and ran with the concept. I, for one, am quite grateful for it! I have seen some of the coolest graffiti that I didn’t even know we had until I found this account. She also showcases cool architecture & buildings. Follow her now!


Favorite Happy Hour

Cat’s out the bag. Restaurant Avo is my secret happy hour spot. I was really torn about telling you about it because I want to keep it all to myself. They offer half off glasses of wine & $5 classic cocktails. As far as the food goes – you won’t even need dinner! They offer a $10 flatbread that changes daily that is made with chickpea flour for all the gluten free folks. They also have $9 bowls of pasta. I *may* have tried all of them. (Get the one with black pepper….) Pro Tip: Ask if Alex is working when you go. He’s hilarious and will only make your happy hour better!


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Favorite Piece of Public Art

I’m no art aficionado. I either like what I see or I don’t. While traipsing around town looking for all the Prospect 4 art, I came across this one. And it spoke to me. This piece was installed by Runo Lagomarsino in Crescent Park. (Bywater neighborhood, for the new folks in town.) It’s likely I’m a sucker for anything that eludes to being southern is better – and I’m ok with that.


Favorite Comeback Kitchen

If you thought Halfmoon wasn’t going to make this list, then we need to formally introduce ourselves. Halfmoon is like my living room. But, what some of you may not know, is that the kitchen has FINALLY reopened after a year long wait. Anyone who has been hanging around the Lower Garden District in the past 20 years, can attest to when Cafe Roma had really good pizza. That pizza, that you’ve been missing for so long, has triumphantly returned in the Halfmoon kitchen. Delivery isn’t available yet, so pop in for a drink & a game of skee-ball while you wait.


Photo Courtesy of Stephen Lew w/ Icon Sportswire

Favorite Saints Player

Look, this was a hard pick. Alvin Kamara is really showing us a good time out there on the field. But, Cam Jordan does not get enough props for the hard work he is putting in. The disruptions he causes on the field could lead us to, dare I say it… NO. I can’t jinx us. Let him bring us much joy in the playoffs!



Favorite Decorative Painter

Ann Marie Auricchio is, hands down, one of the most creative & talented people in this city. Look at this hand drawn metallic painting of the city. She did that by hand! She also does these amazing Venetian plasters (find the one with the foliage that was drawn on it), faux marble finishes, beautiful glazing, & custom stencil work. That isn’t even naming everything she does! If you’re looking to add something unique & amazing to your home – she’s your woman.


Favorite Historian

Edward Branley, the NOLA History Guy, knows everything about everything when it comes to our rich history. If you’ve ever been curious about the back story of some of our neighborhoods, check out his videos that are full of great information. Don’t be afraid to send him a tweet with a local history question either – lord knows he answers all of mine! Insider Secret: Ed & I will be hosting some history happy hours this year – stay tuned for details!


Looking forward to 2018 & all it has to offer. Don’t forget to check out what resolutions we hope New Orleans takes on for 2018.


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