New Orleans Home Buying Budget

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Everyone gets their knickers in a knot when their real estate agent asks about the home buying budget. Don’t! As your real estate agent, we have to know what the limits are.

If you were going to remodel your bathroom, you would definitely have a budget. You might already have a budget for the amount you spend on dining out or birthday gifts.

A house budget is no different from that!


I don’t want you “house poor.”

What’s that mean? It means you’re stuck in this house every evening and weekend because we have used every last ounce of your budget. You can’t go out and afford new restaurants because the house note has taken over your life.

This is absolute last thing I want for you!


Back to that budget now…

Let’s chat with a local lender, decide what monthly payment YOU are comfortable with, and then we find you that New Orleans home to call your own!


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