Month: July 2023

New Orleans, It’s complicated

  How do I love New Orleans? Let me count the ways… In a difficult time to be a resident of Orleans – the crime, the corruption, the lack of infrastructure, increasing property taxes, outrageous insurance, etc. I don’t need to list it all. If you are here, you are living all the things. People… Read more »


Don’t Turn Off the Utilities

  Hello, to all my home sellers! There are some fundamental rules to follow when it comes time to sell your New Orleans home. We will ask you to ensure fresh landscaping, touch up any nicked paint, and keep it clean. But, often, if you’re not living in the home, our home sellers forget the… Read more »


Co-Living Spaces

  With the rise in housing costs and rents, many people consider turning their homes into co-living spaces. Is this a fancy way to say get roommates? Sure is! But, these are not typically long-term roomies. It’s a little more than that!     First Thoughts Before you think of co-living as just a roommate… Read more »