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Madame Mayor

  Madame Mayor. Or is it Latoya? Or Miss Cantrell, if you’re nasty.    Whatever you prefer to go by – let me start by congratulating you on getting to be our first female mayor. Godspeed. People are already nitpicking you to death on every choice and you haven’t even clocked in for your first… Read more »


Why We Should Give A F*CK

There was a recent article about how Louisiana is the worst state to live in. Now, I didn’t read it, because I live here and I don’t need to. I can rattle off a myriad of reasons that we might be the worst. On the other hand, I can spout off a million things to… Read more »


New Orleans Resolutions

  Oh, New Orleans. She’s that old friend that has a few issues, but you still really freaking love her. Yeah, she’s boisterous, and messy, and might cause a few fights when you’re out. It doesn’t matter though. She’s your girl and you’re going to defend her. The one thing we may want for this… Read more »