Looking to buy your own New Orleans home?


Here’s why purchasing your next home with a Be New Orleans agent is the right move:

  • Spells out the process from A – Z. We will sit down and go over all contracts, forms, and additional costs of home buying beforehand.
  • Communication. How do you want to be contacted? Text, email, Facebook, What’sApp, old school phone calls? Whatever you want, we will make sure you’re in the loop at all times.
  • Makes sure you don’t buy the wrong house.  We are not afraid to explore the dark corners of a house and make sure it’s the right one for you. We know what separates a good house from a bad one. Your best interests are my main concern.
  • No high-pressure sales. Isn’t that the worst? Some agent trying to talk you into buying a home that you’re on the fence about. That’s not going to happen here. New Orleans residents are outside of the box and we will search high and low for the house that speaks to you.
  • Knows the New Orleans real estate market. We keep a very watchful eye on price trends, what neighborhoods are cooling off, and more importantly, which ones are heating up. We are not afraid to tell you if something is a bad investment.
  • No dual agency. Meaning we will never represent the seller of the property & you, the homebuyer. You deserve your own representation.
  • It’s more than just the property. We can provide you with contacts to professionals to help with the care and maintenance of your home well after the sale is over.
  • When it’s all over. Surprise! We actually don’t go anywhere, and you’re kind of stuck with us. We send quarterly reports of what homes have sold in your area so you always know what’s happening in your ‘hood. If you buy a particularly old house, we will track down as much info as possible so you know the home’s history. We are always available to answer your post-purchase questions.
  • Be New Orleans App. Yep! We have an app for our clients to keep track of all their house documents and information long after you buy your home!


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