Category: Moving to New Orleans

Straighten Up and Pi(e) Right

  3-14…. you know what that means right? Time to let your inner math geek loose and celebrate everybody’s favorite never-ending number, it’s National Pi Day Y’all!!! Who makes a good pie? Well I’m glad you asked…   Pies to Buy. Levee Baking Company Y ‘all the hand pies…my mouth is watering just thinking about… Read more »


Hashtag: Mardi Gras Problems

    People of New Orleans, here are your big #MardiGrasProblems.   To stay home or not “Finding the desire to even go” – Jeffy R. “Getting called into work on the one parade day you had scheduled off for 3 weeks.” – Aloysius “Mega crowds. Anxiety meds to the rescue….” – Meaghan C.  Injuries… Read more »


Home Sweet Dome

  There is a house in New Orleans, it’s called the Superdome. Ok technically she’s called the Mercedes- Benz Superdome, but no one really calls her that, it’s far too formal – she’s the Dome. And right now, maybe more than ever, it is the most famous house in New Orleans. She stands bold and… Read more »