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Local Greeting Cards in New Orleans

  Greetings, birthdays, holidays, baby announcements – whatever it is, I am sending you a card. I LOVE sending and receiving correspondence through the old snail mail system. And what’s awesome is that many of you have begun feeling the same way after the debacle that was 2020. We all know that Be New Orleans… Read more »


New Orleans Based Subscription Boxes

  Subscription boxes have been all the rage for a while. Boxes like StitchFix send you clothes, and ipsy sends you makeup samples. But, what I was on the hunt for were some New Orleans based boxes so we can keep supporting our own! Check out all the ones we could find across the New… Read more »


Be A Good Neighbor

    Being a good neighbor goes further than just lending someone some sugar and watering their plants while they are out of town. We think that knowing your neighbors, and at least being cordial, is the key to a great neighborhood too. I mean, it is New Orleans, you’re going to have at least… Read more »