Category: New Orleans Real Estate

Who gets the curtains?

  Regarding home buying and selling, you might be shocked to know the number of conversations real estate agents have about drapes. The number of real estate agents who don’t realize this is already addressed in your Louisiana Residential Agreement to Buy or Sell is also surprising. Buyers and sellers want to keep the window… Read more »


Hot Hoods July 2022

  Welcome to Hot Hoods – where we tell you what the hottest neighborhoods of New Orleans were for the past month! This is the July 2022 edition.   Single-Family Homes 0-$100k: 7 sales total; 7th Ward was the winner with 2 of those sales; average price was $76k, and all the homes were in… Read more »


Louisiana Tree Laws

  Living in the New Orleans area means you have trees everywhere. This includes BIG trees, like 100-year-old oak trees. As people look at property to purchase, they ask how the trees may affect them down the road. Here is the quick lowdown on tree laws in Louisiana. Please note: this is NOT legal advice,… Read more »