What is Be New Orleans?

Be New Orleans consists of two of New Orleans’ best Realtors and is your guide to New Orleans real estate and neighborhoods. Prepare yourself for an insider’s look and feel for each area. We will give real estate market information, and while no one can predict the future, we will help you navigate the direction things are heading. Knowing the real estate market is only a piece to the puzzle, if you are considering an area you also need to know what’s happening in that area and if it’s compatible with your wants and needs. From proximity to the nearest fire and police stations to the everyday essentials such as grocery stores, restaurants, and shops – Be New Orleans has you covered.


If you’re looking to buy or sell your next New Orleans home – no need to look any further than these New Orleans Realtors. 


When you’re shopping for a house, the reality is, you’re also shopping for a great neighborhood fit.  One that suits you and your lifestyle too. New Orleans neighborhoods are as unique as the people who live in them. So come on in, take a tour around, and let us put our lifelong New Orleans living to work for you. As your Realtors, we know it’s not just about choosing a house. You’re choosing the neighborhood that goes with it.


Heather Shields & Leslie Heindel consistently get top reviews and are passionate about connecting people with the right house and neighborhood for them. They know houses and they know New Orleans, and they know that’s not enough. As your New Orleans Realtors, you can rely on them for that extra mile, persistence, and street-smarts that a great agent should have.


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With the help of New Orleans locals  – extremely patient web designer, Hank Rotering; and the visual goddess herself, Crista Rock. (Most of the photos are hers and copyrighted. Find her at http://www.cristaphoto.com)  – Be New Orleans was made a reality by these Realtors.