Selling with Be New Orleans

If you’re looking to sell your home for any reason – downsizing, upsizing, changing neighborhoods, or even leaving town – Leslie & Heather can help you sell your house. Here’s a look at what these top New Orleans real estate agents bring to the table:


  • Walk Through Consultation. Take me on a tour of your house! Afterward, we will discuss what you need to do to get ready to hit the market.
  • Staging. Complimentary staging advice can be provided. If professional staging is needed, we can discuss it.
  • Photos. No matter the price of your home, we will get beautiful, professional photos taken. We want to show the world how great your place is.
  • Videos. We always make sure your house has a video. We know that video is effective and helps sell your home.
  • Floor Plans. We will get the house completely measured and have a floor plan made. Prospective buyers love seeing a floor plan.
  • Pricing. You don’t want to be the one overpriced home on the block. That’s not going to help you sell your home. We will determine the best way to position your house on the market so we can get it sold quickly.
  • Marketing. We don’t just put it in our local MLS and call it a day. We also do the following: Syndication to every major website (including Zillow,, Trulia, & even other real estate company websites). An individual website will be created just for your home too. Print marketing, we got that. Video for your house – got that too. Targeted ads on Facebook & Google are also a part of this package.
  • We put it on the market. Now what? No worries there. You will never be without information. We will go through what to expect after hitting the market, what happens when we get an offer and everything in between.
  • All-inclusive Commission. The ads that are run, the videos, the photos – that’s all included in the commission. No extra cost to you.
  • Out of Town Buyers. Second homes are becoming increasingly popular in the New Orleans real estate market. Ads will be run in multiple cities where our vacation home buyers come from.


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