Down Payment Assistance for New Orleans Homes

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How to Choose a Lender

    So, you’re ready to find your dream home – congratulations! Now comes the not-so-fun part: navigating the world of mortgages. How do you choose a mortgage lender?  With so many lenders vying for your business, it can feel like diving into a labyrinth of interest rates, terms, and fees. But fear not! With… Read more »


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Look at Houses Without Friends

  Ah, house hunting – the thrilling yet sometimes overwhelming adventure of finding your dream home. As you embark on this journey, you might be tempted to bring along your closest friends for their opinions and moral support. After all, who doesn’t love a second pair of eyes and a trusted sounding board? While it’s… Read more »


Open Houses Don’t Sell Your Home

  Hey there, savvy homeowners! Today, we’re diving into the world of open houses and unraveling the mystery behind why they might not be the silver bullet for selling your home. Buckle up – because we’re about to spill the tea on open houses.     First things first, let’s address the elephant in the… Read more »


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Second Homes in New Orleans

  Second homes in New Orleans are popular for many different people for a variety of reasons!  Maybe you only want a second home in New Orleans because you’re a Saints fanatic who lives in Alabama, Texas, or Mississippi. Other reasons people consider a second home in the N.O. is they love driving in for… Read more »


Move to New Orleans

  During the 2020 pandemic, we saw people make major life moves. Not only did they pack up their homes and start selling – but they are venturing across the country for whole new lives.   Team Be New Orleans has helped many sellers leave for places like Iowa, California, Illinois, and North Carolina this… Read more »


Straighten Up and Pi(e) Right

  3-14…. you know what that means right? Time to let your inner math geek loose and celebrate everybody’s favorite never-ending number, it’s National Pi Day Y’all!!! Who makes a good pie? Well I’m glad you asked…   Pies to Buy. Levee Baking Company Y ‘all the hand pies…my mouth is watering just thinking about… Read more »


Hashtag: Mardi Gras Problems

    People of New Orleans, here are your big #MardiGrasProblems.   To stay home or not “Finding the desire to even go” – Jeffy R. “Getting called into work on the one parade day you had scheduled off for 3 weeks.” – Aloysius “Mega crowds. Anxiety meds to the rescue….” – Meaghan C.   … Read more »


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5 Things To NEVER Do To Your Home

    People often do things to their homes that they don’t realize could affect them in the long term. And we aren’t talking about the BIG things—this is all about the little stuff you may not even think about.  We have our top five things to never do to your home. Some of this… Read more »


How to Dispute your Tax Assessment in New Orleans

  If you’re an Orleans parish homeowner, you may have found yourself with a property tax bill that you’re uncomfortable with. So, how to dispute your tax assessment in New Orleans? For many, the increases in property tax make their monthly mortgage note unaffordable. Your property taxes increase based on what the assessor’s office deems… Read more »


Homes For Sale Near Jazz Fest

  Are you a lover of New Orleans’ Jazz & Heritage Fest? Do you love it so much that you must own a home nearby? Well, you’re in luck because this is strictly for homes for sale near Jazz Fest!    If you’re looking to move to New Orleans, or even if you already live… Read more »


3540 Rue Mignon | Bocage Home For Sale

Welcome to Algiers, New Orleans!   This 1976 brick ranch has been updated and is super stylish! Located in the Bocage neighborhood, you are close to grocery stores, restaurants, and everything else that Algiers offers. Because in Algiers – nothing is far away!     Living & Eating Spaces With brand-new floors greeting you, you will… Read more »


2816 Leonidas | Hollygrove Home For Sale

Y’all don’t know that Hollygrove is one of the best-kept secrets in New Orleans!  This renovated Hollygrove home is beckoning you! 2816 Leonidas was FULLY renovated in 2018 and has been meticulously maintained. The convenience factor is real, too. Whether you need to head Uptown, Downtown, or hop on the I-10, it’s super fast to… Read more »


8134 Sycamore | West Carrollton Home For Sale

Welcome to the rare chance to own a house on Marsalis Harmony Park!  Built in 1920, with curb appeal for days, 8134 Sycamore has only had three owners!  This corner lot, raised basement beauty overlooks Marsalis Harmony Park. Opportunities to own here don’t come along often. This home is a New Orleans Carrollton, California bungalow… Read more »


One Bedroom Homes: March 2024

  If you’ve been wanting to buy a house but don’t want colossal upkeep or a condo – have you considered a one-bedroom home in New Orleans?  One-bedroom homes are typically more affordable and require less maintenance. They also give you a chance to own your space without sharing walls. I know people like the… Read more »


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1201 Canal St | New Orleans Condo Buildings

  1201 Canal is historically known for being the Krauss Department Store building! Opening in 1903, it was over 300,000 square feet (by the time is closed – but started at 20,ooo square feet) and open for 94 years before closing its doors and then becoming condos. It was designed by Louisiana architect, Thomas Sully.… Read more »


731 St. Charles | New Orleans Condos

  731 St. Charles Condos are located in the Warehouse District of New Orleans. As of October 2020, construction has not been completed. However, units are being pre-sold for this building that sits right on the parade route. (Almost half have been sold: 10/10/2020) There are 71 units available in this 4-story building.   The original… Read more »


425 Notre Dame | New Orleans Condos

  425 Notre Dame Condos can be found in the Warehouse District of New Orleans. Using many lots surrounding the building, architects created a high-end, new building while blending in with the adjacent architecture. Architects restored the original facade of the Girod Street side of the building as well. Architects completed the entire renovation/restoration in 2014.  … Read more »