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This Desire neighborhood that not many people even speak about unless they reference the good ‘ol days. Post World War II, many African-American families made the Desire neighborhood their home.

Home to several nightclubs, Fats Domino was discovered at one of them. In the late 1940s, acres of land were cleared to erect the Desire Housing Projects. They were built poorly and deteriorated quickly.

Other sections of Desire have contaminated land where residents are still in the middle of litigation. They are hopeful to be moved elsewhere as they cannot sell the land since it has no value.


Lagniappe: The Hideaway Club is where Fats Domino was discovered. 

Average Home Prices in Desire (Updated: 05/01/2024)

Single Family: No Sales
Condo: No Sales
Multi-Family: No Sales

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Desire Essentials

Police Station - 5th District

3900 N. Claiborne

Fire Station - Engine 8

3300 Florida Blvd.

Louisa Mini Mart

3423 Louisa

Sampson Playground

3211 Treasure

Neighborhood Picks in Desire

Delgado Community College Sidney Collier Campus


3727 Louisa