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This is a neighborhood that not many people even speak about. Like the Elephant Graveyard in The Lion King, no one is clamoring to set up shop there. It was a dumping ground that the city then erected poorly built projects on. Much of the land is contaminated and inhabitable. There are many families who still live out there near these now chained off areas. There are people who have no where else they can go. The City that Care Forgot forgot some of it’s own people when they erected housing on this polluted land.

Average Home Prices in Desire (Updated: 05/01/2019)

Single Family: $60k
Condo: No Sales
Multi-Family: No Sales

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Desire Essentials

Police Station - 5th District

3900 N. Claiborne

Fire Station - Engine 8

3300 Florida Blvd.

Louisa Mini Mart

3423 Louisa

Sampson Playground

3211 Treasure

Neighborhood Picks in Desire

Delgado Community College Sidney Collier Campus


3727 Louisa