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Subdistricts of Gentilly, Filmore, St. Anthony, Dillard, and Milneburg cover a huge swath of land in New Orleans. While across the board, you will find similar architectural styles, these sections of Gentilly are seeing a lot of new construction current day.

The original spelling for Filmore was Fillmore. In true New Orleans fashion, we changed it over time and dropped a letter. This neighborhood was developed in the mid-20th century and is filled with raised cottages and brick ranch style homes.

The St. Anthony section was named after the street that runs right through it. housing construction began in the 1930s and there was a rule that houses must cost a minimum of $7500 until 1975. Most of the area was developed by 1965.

Milneburg has higher percentages of homeownership than parish, state, and national averages. Milneburg was named after Alexander Milne, a Scottish footman, who made his fortune from first a hardware business and then from brick-making.

The Dillard neighborhood is compromised of mainly ranch homes built after World War II. Dillard University opened in 1930 and moved to its current site in 1935.


Lagniappe: During the 1940s, professional African-Americans moved adjacent to Dillard University and the area was called “Sugar Hill.”

Average Home Prices in Filmore, St. Anthony, Dillard, Milneburg (Updated: 07/15/2024)

Single Family: $292k
Condo: No Sales
Multi-Family: $311k

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Filmore, St. Anthony, Dillard, Milneburg Essentials

Police station - 3rd District

4650 Paris Ave.

Fire Station - Engine 12

5600 Franklin

Sav A Lot

4726 Paris

Elysian Fields Animal Clinic

4237 Elysian Fields Ave.

Filmore Playground

5500 Wildair

Milne Playground

2500 Filmore

Oak Park Playground

1468 Riviera Ave.

Mirabeau Playground

11 Chatham Dr.

Norman Mayer Library

3001 Gentilly Blvd.

Neighborhood Picks in Filmore, St. Anthony, Dillard, Milneburg

Zimmer’s Seafood


4915 St. Anthony Ave.

Daquiri’s & Co


6301 Elysian Fields

A-Z Framing

2354 Prentiss Ave.