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Faubourg Treme is recognized as the oldest African American neighborhood and is considered by many to be the center of New Orleans culture.  The early residents of Treme were immigrants, and free people of color, including refugees from what is now known as Haiti.

In this neighborhood, you will find St. Augustine Catholic Church. This church was founded in 1841 and is the oldest African-American parish in the United States. St. Augustine was founded by free people of color, who purchased additional pews for the enslaved. Civil Rights activists Homer Plessy and A.P. Tureaud, were parishioners of St. Augustine, as were jazz musician Sidney Bechet and Mardi Gras Indian Chief Tootie Montana. Open to everyone, St. Augustine has played an integral role in shaping the lives of the residents of Treme and beyond is a shining example of life in one of our most treasured neighborhoods.

Many of the families in Treme are multi-generational. But, thanks in part to the popularity of an HBO series with the same name and affordable real estate prices, (particularly for those looking for a renovation project) the area has seen an influx of new residents.

Predominant housing styles you will find in this neighborhood are shotguns, Creole cottages, and townhouses. Along Esplanade Avenue you will find some grander homes with larger lots often surrounded by those beautiful iron fences we love so much in New Orleans.

There is a deep and very real sense of community and pride in this historic neighborhood. Due to that, it’s easy to understand the appeal of Treme. Given the history, architecture, close-knit community, food, music, museums, and festivals – this New Orleans neighborhood is a real crowd-pleaser.

Speaking of museums – make sure to spend some time at the Backstreet Cultural Museum. Be prepared to be amazed by the assortment of memorabilia indigenous to Mardi Gras, jazz funerals, and other traditions found only in New Orleans.

If you want to live in a culturally rich neighborhood with diverse architecture the Treme may be just the right fit for you!


Lagniappe: Louis Armstrong Park-this 31 acre park pays tribute to New Orleans own jazz great, Louis Armstrong. And the entrance is iconic! Within the park, you will find the historic Congo Square. Formerly known as Place de Negres, it took its name from the tradition of slaves who gathered there on Sundays, their day off, to sing, beat drums, sell home-made goods, and celebrate. The park annually hosts Martin Luther King Day celebrations, Red Dress Run, weddings, festivals, concerts, filming and more. 

Average Home Prices in Treme (Updated: 12/03/2022)

Single Family: $346k
Condo: No Sales
Multi-Family: $400k

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Treme Essentials

Police station - 1st District

501 N. Rampart

Fire Station - SQUIRT 14

200 N. Robertson

VNT Foodstore

913 N. Claiborne Ave.

Busy Bee Food Store

2401 Orleans

Historic Faubourg Treme Association


Lemann Playground

628 N. Claiborne Ave.

Treme Recreation Community Center

900 N. Villere St.

Neighborhood Picks in Treme

Basin St. Lounge


1600 Basin

Dooky Chase


2301 Orleans

Willie Mae’s Scotch House


2401 St. Ann

St. Augustine’s Church

1210 Gov. Nicholls

Mahalia Jackson Theater

1419 Basin

The Broad Theater

646 N. Broad

Degas House


2306 Esplanade

New Orleans African American Museum

1418 Gov. Nicholls

Treme Coffeehouse

1501 St. Philip

Crazy Plant Bae

716 N. Claiborne Ave
(504) 315-5116

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