Hot Hoods: July Edition


Welcome to Hot Hoods – where we tell you what the hottest neighborhoods of New Orleans were for the past month! This is the July 2023 edition!


Single-Family Homes

  • 0-$100k: 8 sales total; completely divided between New Orleans East, Algiers, St. Roch, & Hollygrove
  • $100k -$200k: 48 sales; New Orleans East & Algiers tied up for being the hottest neighborhood in this price range
  • $200k-$300k: 42 sales; Algiers squeaked by with the top dog in this category – people realize how affordable it is there!
  • $300k-$400k: 23 sales; Y’all – Algiers is at it again! However, Gentilly did tie them with having 5 sales
  • $400k-$500k: 21 sales; Lakeview was by far the front runner with over half of these sales.
  • $500k-$750k: 36 sales; Suprises here! Lake Vista & East Carrollton were our winners!
  • $750k-$1M: 13 sales; the actual Uptown neighborhood was our winner with having more than half
  • $1M+: 20 sales; Audubon claimed more than half of these sales numbers



Multi-Family Homes

  • 0-$100k: 9 sales; New Orleans East had the most
  • $100-$200k: 10 sales; 7th Ward dominated here
  • $200-$300k: 9 sales; 7th Ward & St. Claude each has 2 of them
  • $300-$400k: 18 sales; Treme & Mid-City tied it up this round with 3 sales each
  • $400-$500k: 10 sales; they were each in a different neighborhood!
  • $500-$750k: 13 sales; Mid-City, Lower Garden, & East Riverside had 2 each
  • $750k-$1M: 2 sales and bath were in the Treme
  • $1M & Up: 1 sale, and it was located in the French Quarter



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