Favorite Wallpapers Spring/Summer 2022


Before you paint that accent wall, may we suggest something else? Wallpaper can add some pizazz to your space! Whether it’s your powder room, stairwell, or an entire room, we are big fans of wallpaper around here. 

The best part of wallpaper – it doesn’t have to be permanent. There are many peel-and-stick options that make this decision far less scary. 

Let’s see our favorite pics for the spring & summer 2022 seasons: 


#1: Belles Fleurs

HELLLLLO 1990s! Large floral prints are all the rage again and we are here for it! While this trend may only be en vogue for a season or two – it’s absolutely perfect for a hallway. 


Photo courtesy of Spoonflower


#2: Queen Elizabeth

Her majesty was designed by Andy Warhol and presented as a removable wallpaper option from Flavor Paper. We think she would perfect reigning over you in your office or dining room! 


Photo courtesy of Flavor Paper




#3: Freestyle

This temporary wallpaper option is perfect for someone who loves a fun option – but it’s a commitmentphobe. Personally, this would be great for an accent wall in the living room or for a bedroom! 


Photo courtesy of Walls Need Love




#4: Moons

For the hippy in all of us, this purple moon wallpaper is great for a variety of spaces! What we will say is that this wallpaper needs a larger wall. This would not be for a bathroom or small bedroom. It needs to be displayed! 


Photo courtesy of Tempaper



No matter your style or what’s hot right now, removable wallpaper can help keep your space fresh and trendy every season! 


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