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Welcome to HOT HOODS! Where we bring you the hottest neighborhoods of New Orleans for the last month. Here is the April 2024 edition!


Even as interest rates went up, we saw more houses moving off the market. Last week alone (end of April 2024), when interest rates have been the highest they have been since November 2023, we had more inventory leave the market than what hit the market.

What does this mean?  The spring market is HERE and people are making moves before the summer heat hits.


Who is moving to New Orleans right now? Doctors starting their residencies and military families are all grabbing houses before they have to get into town. We have also seen an uptick in people wanting to return to the city after a few-year hiatus.

Rates & housing Stock April 2024 New Orleans



Single-Family Homes – 217 sales total in April 2024

0-$100k: 8 sales total; Gentilly had the highest amount

$100k-$200k: 47 sales total; Gentilly & Algiers tied it up for sales

$200k-$300k: 38 sales total; Gentilly & Algiers tied it up again

$300k-$400k: 41 sales total; Fairgrounds & Gentilly were neck in neck for this price point!

$400-$500k: 22 sales total; Navarre was our surprising front runner

$500-$750k: 33 sales total; West Riverside & Irish Channel were fighting to be the winner here

$750k-$1M: 15 sales total; Lakeview was killing it this month in this price range

$1M & Up: 23 sales total; Audubon had the most with the highest sale at $6.65M located at 479 Audubon


Multi-Family Homes – 56 sales total in April 2024

  • 0-$100k: 5 sales total; 7th Ward
  • $100-$200k: 10 sales total; Gentilly had the most here
  • $200-$300k: 18 sales total; St. Roch was our winner
  • $300-$400k: 13 sales; Treme was triumphant
  • $400-$500k: 4 sales; St. Claude had almost all of them
  • $500-$750k: 8 sales; Bayou St. John had a few of these
  • $750k-$1M: 1 sale in Audubon
  • $1M & Up: 1 sale for $1.1M at 1615 Peniston in the Milan neighborhood




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