Most Instagrammable Places in NOLA


“Hold on! Let me take a photo!”

This is a common phrase you hear now that we are cameras on us at all times. Instagram brought photos taking to next level. We all stop now to snap a pic of our food, the scenery, that cute decoration.

And I gotta tell you – I LOVE IT.

I love seeing all the fun places around the city I didn’t know about or haven’t seen with my own eyeballs yet. Please, keep them coming! Hashtag #beneworleans and I’m sure to see it!

If you love Instagram as much as me, then you’ve likely taken a photo of some of the most Instagrammable places in New Orleans.


1. The Rusty Rainbow

You know that big rusty looking arch in the Bywater that looks like it’s leading you to jump into the river? *That’s* the Rusty Rainbow. It will drop you off in Crescent Park, which is right on the Mississippi. Once you hit the top of the rainbow, you will have a magnificent view of the city.

Head up there and tell me if you aren’t tempted to post a pic to Instagram.


2. Studio Be

Photo Credit: Crista Rock


While you’re in the Bywater, head over the Marigny/Bywater line and visit Studio Be. You’re going to come across the huge mural of a little girl with her arms open. I don’t think it’s possible for you to not have a friend in New Orleans who hasn’t posted this photo.


3. Hot Tin Roof

Photo Credit: NOLA Eater


With a view of downtown New Orleans and the Crescent City Connection, Hot Tin has people clamoring for a spot to watch the sun go down. Grab a fancy cocktail and your iPhone for a pic of the skyline.


4. The Fly 

Grab a po-boy, some cans of wine, and maybe a frisbee, before heading down the Fly. The Fly is the original spot for lazily let the day slip away for you. Sitting right on the river, you can watch the boats pass for hours.


New Orleans has plenty of places that look great in a photo. And we know you can’t go wrong with a pic of the river or lake. Let us know your favorite places to Instagram in New Orleans. 


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