Laid Back Lake Vista

The New Orleans neighborhood, Lake Vista, is shaped like a wagon wheel. They have immense green spaces that divide the neighborhood up. There is not a lot of traffic rolling through their area, which is good for the kids wanting to play hockey in the street. Lake Vista doesn’t have very many businesses – it’s very residential. But here is a peek at the one they have and some lagniappe info!


Old Spanish Fort


The only battle Old Spanish Fort has seen are the ones that kids may play. In the later 1800’s, it was a resort area. These days, since the shoreline of the lake was moved, it only has a few brick walls remaining. You can find locals having a picnic under an oak tree on a beautiful spring day overlooking the bayou.


Mes Amis Quilt Shop


Mes Amis Quilt Shop has been open since April of 2010. Owner, Denise Taylor, offers a full line of quilting fabrics & supplies, including Mardi Gras themed ones! They are very popular with their Lake Vista residents, and even have clientele from all over the world. They have several classes you can take, and are even available upon request.  If you’re looking for a craft, they will work with your schedule and provide a class that suits your needs. Stop by and say hello because Mes Amis even has work stations you can use!


Take a look at their neighbor – New Orleans neighborhood, Lakeview.