Majorly Marigny

Oh, the Marigny. This New Orleans neighborhood is bursting with life. There is a constant stream people coming and going; however, it always feels very laid back even with all the happenings. Lots of locals find themselves in the Marigny for Mardi Gras Day every year, but not a lot of times in between the year. We are featuring 3 businesses in the neighborhood for you to spend some time in.


Crescent City Cat Club 

“Quit taking our picture, lady!”

My friend & I were the very first people to enter the Crescent City Cat Club. I almost died from cuteness overload when entering the meet & greet room. There were a total of 19 cats, of various ages, running, lounging, purring, and hiding. There were plenty of cat trees for them to play in, so many toy mice to toss around, and even a catio. Yes, a CATio, which is a patio for cats and humans to hang out! If you’re looking to adopt a feline companion, this cat club is the purrrr-fect place. (Yep, I went there.) Maybe you can’t have a sweet, baby kitty in your place – you can at least come by and snuggle with these cute things! It is $7 admission and they take cash or card. They are a non-profit, so just use it as a tax write off while enjoying some soft snuggles.


Who Dat Coffee Cafe

I stumbled across the Who Dat Coffee Cafe while waiting to go play with the cats at the Cat Club. The building was once a corner grocery a lifetime ago. Now it plays a the role of great, local cafe. Immediately upon arriving, you are greeted by every staff member and treated like you’ve been coming there forever. The hot tea and cappuccino that we ordered were on point. They make their own delicious jams and jellies. And when I ordered my breakfast and told them about some of my food allergies, the staff was most accommodating and didn’t make it a big deal. I also met a lovely patron, Mr. Eddie, who was full of stories and regaled me with a history of this building and the surrounding ones. From the looks of it, he’s quite a regular there and you too have a chance to go meet him. 


Where Y’Art

Where Y’Art is a “newer” kid on the block in the Marigny. They relocated from Julia St. about 2 years ago & they feel much more at home in this location. One of our favorite things about them is that all of their artist they feature are from Louisiana. All items on display can be purchased. Their website is super awesome, as it has items for under $100 & under $50 so that all art lovers can find something in their budget.

One of my favorite things about their gallery is that they have QR codes for every piece. When you use that QR code you can pull up the artist, their profile, and what inspires them. It even tells you where they have other art on display! They ar open from Monday-Friday from 10am-5pm.


Can’t get enough of the Marigny – then check out their neighborhood profile



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