Moving to the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches.


You’re gonna live the country life down in Lower Coast Algiers. While this area does not provide any amenities, it’s all a quick car ride away.

Some Lower Coast residents can be found in one of the two gated communities, English Turn, and The Arbors. Other locals can be found in large homes overlooking the Mississippi River to small mobile homes in the woods.

There is true wildlife behind those moss-covered trees – be on the lookout for hogs, snakes, and bobcats, to name a few.


Lagniappe: Was once the Stanton, Shamrock, and Delacroix Plantations. Home to a former Navy Air Field. 

Average Home Prices in Lower Coast (Updated: 05/16/2023)

Single Family: $659k
Condo: No Sales
Multi-Family: No Sales

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Lower Coast Essentials

Police station - 4th District

2405 Sanctuary Dr.

Fire Station - Engine 17

4115 Woodland Dr.

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Audubon Wilderness Park

14001 River Rd

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