Our City, My Home: Brittany’s Farewell to New Orleans


Brittany and her family moved to New Orleans a few years back for a job transfer. After her husband was deployed, Brittany decided she would pack up and head closer to family. While their stay in New Orleans was short-lived, it impacted their lives and was an experience they would never forget! Luckily, while Brittany lived here, she was about to find the perfect neighborhood and live in a historic home!


What neighborhood do you live in? 

Algiers Point


How long have you lived here? 

3 years




Why do you love your neighborhood? 

The community. I found a wonderful community of people and support living in the neighborhood.



Was the neighborhood what you hoped for & do you know your neighbors? 

Yes! I got to know so many of my neighbors by walking my dogs, at the playground and even at the weekly music nights in the park.



What’s your piece of advice for anyone looking to move to your neighborhood? 

Sit on your porch and say hello to those that walk by your house.



Are you from New Orleans? If not, what brought you here? 

No, from Ohio. We came here for a job.



Tell us your favorite thing about your house. 

The porch and backyard. We put a lot of work into painting and updating the backyard to be a butterfly garden. The kids in the neighborhood always came to hang out and play.



What updates and improvements have you made to the home? 

So many. We updated the foundations, painted inside and out of the house, updated the bathroom, painted kitchen cabinets, updated the landscaping, new windows, and appliances, and add hurricane shutters.




Any advice when home buying? 

Work with Heather and Leslie. The right house finds you. When I walked into this house, it was dark and maroon. As I was walking down the hallway, ideas and concepts started popping in my head, and I knew this was the one.



Tell us some of your favorite things about New Orleans

The people and the culture. Taking the ferry to the quarter was a bonus for living in the Point. Easy to spend a day in the quarter and be back without crossing the bridge.



What will you miss about Algiers Point & New Orleans? 

I’ll miss the walkability. It was so easy to take Bridget to school and grab a coffee or food. If we wanted to go to cross the river, we could take the ferry. I will miss the friends that I made here. There are some amazing people here and have built lifelong friendships that I will miss seeing weekly.





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