$1500 Budget: Uptown Rental Edition

New Orleans Home Buying


New Orleans Rentals have been HOT HOT HOT for a few years now.

Finding a good rental in New Orleans can be a challenge, but not impossible. The key things to remember when looking for a rental in NOLA: 

  • You won’t get it all: Know what is a must-have and what is just nice to have
  • You don’t have to live there forever
  • Be open to new areas of New Orleans
  • You won’t get parking. If you find it, it’s lagniappe.
  • Be prepared for pet deposits


See everything for rent in Uptown New Orleans for $1500 or less


Are you ready to purchase your New Orleans home and still want to stay within $1500/month?

While we can’t guarantee the condition of all of them, this is a fast and loose search to meet those budget needs!


See everything for sale at approximately $1500/mo with taxes & insurance



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