Month: March 2024

One Bedroom Homes: March 2024

  If you’ve been wanting to buy a house but don’t want colossal upkeep or a condo – have you considered a one-bedroom home in New Orleans?  One-bedroom homes are typically more affordable and require less maintenance. They also give you a chance to own your space without sharing walls. I know people like the… Read more »


New Orleans Museums

  The one thing you can say about New Orleans is that you can find something to do! If you’re bored, that’s on you! New Orleans has some incredible museums – many that even locals aren’t familiar with. Here is our current list of every museum in New Orleans that we could find!   New… Read more »


New Orleans Spring Festivals

  Our time has come, New Orleans! Festival season is upon us, and I hope the weather is as great as all these events!   Here is a list of the upcoming Spring festivals:    French Film Festival, March 22-26   The New Orleans Book Festival, March 14-16   Super Sunday, March 17   Tennessee… Read more »