Month: October 2020

Never Waive Home Inspections

  When it comes to home buying, we feel very strongly about why you should never waive home inspections. What does this mean exactly? Well, when you make an offer on a property, we negotiate in the contract how many days you will need for your inspection period. Waiving your inspections means you are putting down… Read more »


MLS Codes

  The MLS (multiple listing service) is where New Orleans real estate agents input all their new listings. The MLS feeds homes for sale to Zillow,, and other related websites.   When searching for homes, your real estate agent will set up your property search directly form our MLS – this ensures that you see… Read more »


425 Notre Dame | New Orleans Condos

  425 Notre Dame Condos can be found in the Warehouse District of New Orleans. Using many lots surrounding the building, architects created a high-end, new building while blending in with the adjacent architecture. Architects restored the original facade of the Girod Street side of the building as well. Architects completed the entire renovation/restoration in 2014.  … Read more »