MLS Codes

MLS codes


The MLS (multiple listing service) is where New Orleans real estate agents input all their new listings. The MLS feeds homes for sale to Zillow,, and other related websites.  

When searching for homes, your real estate agent will set up your property search directly form our MLS – this ensures that you see homes the moment they hit the market! However, when you’re browsing listings from our MLS, you will likely encounter all of our acronyms and codes.


We get lots of messages asking what all the acronyms mean, so we put together a handy guide for you! This handy guide can help you realize what we can and can’t filter out when setting up your custom home search!



Here is your MLS translation guide: 



If you see the code REO, it means bank-owned real estate. This is a foreclosure property. 



Additional features

        • CC: Cathedral ceilings
        • CF: Ceiling Fans
        • EG: electric garage
        • GC: Granite countertops
        • HT: Hydro tub
        • NC: No carpet
        • OK: Outdoor kitchen
        • PA: Pantry
        • SH: Smart home
        • SS: Security system
        • St: Stainless steel appliances
        • VC: Vaulted ceilings
        • WA: Walkin Attic
        • WG: Whole house generator 



Age Description

        • NEW: New construction
        • RSL: Resale
        • TD: tear down
        • FXUP: fixer-upper 
        • TBB: To be built
        • UC: Under contractions
        • UNK: Age unknown
        • HIS: Historic
        • REM: Remodeled structural changes- all major mechanical systems
        • REN: Renovated cosmetic changes of at least 50% of total living area


air conditioning


Air condition and Heating

If you see any numbers – it’s the number of AC units present on the property. 

        • C: Central 
        • DW: ductless wall unit – also known as a mini-split
        • GE: geothermal
        • NO: None
        • WU: Window Unit



Appliances Included: 

        • CT: Cook Top
        • DO: Double Oven
        • Dr: Dryer
        • DW: Dishwasher
        • DS: disposal
        • IM: Icemaker
        • M: Microwave
        • OV: Oven
        • RA: Range
        • Re: Refrigerator
        • RO: Range/Oven
        • TM: Trash Masher
        • WA: washer
        • WI: Wine cooler




        • Ba: Bamboo
        • BR: Brick
        • Ca: Carpet
        • CO: Cork
        • EW: Engineered Wood
        • LA: Laminate Wood
        • LI: linoleum 
        • MA: Marble
        • NS: Natural Stone
        • SC: Stained/Scored concrete 
        • TE: Terrazzo
        • TI: Tile
        • VL: Vinyl
        • Wd: Wood


car storage


Car Storage: 

        • AS: Assigned
        • CP: Carport
        • CV: covered
        • De: Detached
        • DR: Driveway only
        • GR: Garage
        • OF: Off-street parking



        • New: New construction, never occupied. 
        • EXCE: No functional inadequacies of any consequence and all major components are in like-new condition. The overall effective age has been substantially reduced upon complete revitalization for the structure regardless of the chronological age. 
        • VRGD: No obvious maintenance is required, but neither is everything new. Appearance and utility are above the standard, and the overall effective age will be lower than the typical property. 
        • AVG: All major components still functional. Some evidence of deferred maintenance and normal obsolescence with age that a few minor repairs are needed. 
        • FAIR: Badly worn, much repair needed. Many items need refinishing or overhauling, deferred maintain obvious, inadequate building utility and services shortening the life expectancy and increasing the effective age. 
        • POOR: Excessive deferred maintenance and abuse, approaching abandonment or major reconstruction. 




        • BR: Brick
        • CI: Cinder Block
        • CO: Concrete
        • HP: Hardy Plank
        • SI: siding
        • VS: vinyl siding
        • ST: Stucco
        • WS: Wood siding


Exterior Features: 

        • BA: Balcony
        • CY: Courtyard
        • DK: Dock
        • OS: Outdoor shower
        • PD: Pond
        • PO: Porch
        • POS: Porch, screened-in
        • SP: sprinkler system
        • WS: window screens



        • RAI: Raised
        • SLA: Slab
        • OT: Other



Pool Type: 

        • AG: Above Ground
        • CO: Community
        • HE: Heated
        • IN: Inground
        • SW: Saltwater



While these aren’t all the coded phrases you will encounter, but we think they are the most important!


As your New Orleans real estate agents, we can set up your search to be as specific as we want through our MLS. Using a 3rd party system does not allow you to hone in everything you’re looking for if you have a very particular house in mind. 


Editor’s Note: We cannot search by flood zones because they can vary from block to block, and even house to house.



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