Best Ways to Increase Your Resale Value

best ways increase your resale value


You’re considering selling your New Orleans home but you want to get the very most for your money. I mean, who doesn’t?! We are here to tell you the best ways to increase your resale value without wasting money.


Resale Tip #1: Repaint

This is such a simple thing and it’s often overlooked. If you’re still rocking a red dining room that you painted in 1999 because Trading Spaces said it was trendy – let’s crack open a fresh can of paint. (I’m not saying you can’t have a room red! But if you haven’t painted in a while, this refresh goes a long way!)

Many home buyers will be scared off if they have to repaint the entire house. 



Resale Tip #2: Repairs

We suggest getting a pre-listing inspection to find out all the things that are wrong with the house. Some agents will disagree as you should let a buyer find out what is wrong. But being proactive can save a deal in the long run.

You may not even know some of these issues exist. Making repairs can help your resale value by looking better against the competition.




Resale Tip #3: Update your systems & maintain them

If your water heater is 20+ years old, go ahead and change it out. While it won’t give a huge amount of value, it will help with your overall resale.

The same goes for anything not functioning properly – get it fixed or replace it. Buyers don’t want to buy a house that has a slew of outdated mechanics. Get your HVAC cleaned and serviced before listing as well. 



Resale Tip #4: Energy Efficient

If you have old aluminum windows, considering upgrading them while you’re living there. It will help with your energy bills and your sellability later on.

The one thing you will recoup the most money is newer HVAC and furnaces.



Resale Tip #5: Replace the old siding

If your siding is cracked and coming apart, get it handled now. Most home sellers recover 76% of the price when they sell later on! 

If you have a wood exterior and the paint is peeling and coming off – just have it all repainted and replace any rotted pieces. 



Resale Tip #6: Add some tech

Homebuyers these days love a smart home. From smart thermostats, carbon monoxide detectors, lighting, locks, and cameras – buyers are willing to pay more for them. Most sellers average about 75% of those costs back. 



Resale Tip #7: Add a bathroom

If you have one bathroom – it just won’t sell as much as a two bath home. If space exists and you have some cash, it’s worth investing in.

Don’t wait till you’re selling the house to tackle this because you should enjoy the extra bathroom space while you live there! 



When you invite us into your home, we will take a tour and give you honest feedback and specific advice on the best ways to increase your resale value. Sometimes our list can be extensive, but it will pay off! 



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