Month: July 2023

Co-Living Spaces

  With the rise in housing costs and rents, many people consider turning their homes into co-living spaces. Is this a fancy way to say get roommates? Sure is! But, these are not typically long-term roomies. It’s a little more than that!     First Thoughts Before you think of co-living as just a roommate… Read more »


Things to do in NOLA July 3-July 9

      Monday, July 3rd What: Black Tea Rhapsody: An homage to African American Tea Culture Where: Xavier University, 1 Drexel Dri Time: 5:00pm Info/Lagniappe: The exhibition will showcase a collection of exceptional art pieces inspired by African American tea culture, highlighting its significance in shaping cultural identity and fostering community. Additionally, a thought-provoking… Read more »