5 Things that don’t matter in this real estate market



When it comes to real estate, the New Orleans market has felt the intense bidding wars and lack of inventory since 2020. There are a lot of factors when looking to make an offer on a house, but in our current market, there are many things that don’t matter.

You might find it hard to be ok with some of this, but we are here to tell you that you’re going to have to let it go! :: cue the Frozen soundtrack::



#1: It doesn’t matter what the seller paid

We all look up how much the seller paid for the house. WE. ALL. DO. IT.

However, just because the seller paid $250k in 2016 doesn’t mean you’re getting a deal today. The real estate market changed a lot and if it bothers you how much the house is listed for today versus what they paid for it… well…. you’re gonna have to get over it. Or you don’t buy the house.



#2: It doesn’t matter how many offers they received

Unless the house has ZERO offers, it doesn’t matter if they have five to twenty. Make the best offer you can and light a prayer candle!



#3: It doesn’t matter how much their renovation was

We have seen this time and time again. Buyers will come into a renovated house and try to figure out how much the seller paid for their renovation. Hate to burst your bubble, but it doesn’t matter today!

The good news is that you didn’t have to do the heavy lifting, and the work is completed!



ugly carpet

#4: It doesn’t matter how the neighbor’s house looks

Welcome to New Orleans, y’all! You can buy a house for $500k and have the neighboring house boarded up and falling down. While this isn’t the prettiest sight to see, it’s not uncommon.

The issue here is that some buyers think they can discount the house price due to the neighbor’s house being… less desirable. Unfortunately, that’s not going to play out how you hoped! Some other homebuyer will snatch up that house and not care about the neighbor.



#5: It doesn’t matter about the ugly carpet

We are using the phrase “ugly carpet” for various cosmetic issues. Whether you hate the carpet, the beige paint, or the 1960’s wallpaper – all of this can be changed, and it shouldn’t stop you from buying a house.

These cosmetic things are superficial and will not matter to other buyers in this real estate market. Don’t let it hold you back!



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