9 Things to Know About Having a Pool

9 things to know about owning a pool


Buying a house with a pool or installing a pool comes with much needs information. Your trusted New Orleans real estate agents know a thing or two about owning a pool and want to make sure to pass along the info.


Pool Owner Info #1: It will not increase the value of your home

I know; we wish this weren’t true. But most appraisers in New Orleans will tell you that owning a pool does not help your property value in all.

Yes, this means even after spending 40-80k on this watering hole, you may get about 5k in value. In some neighborhoods where everyone has a pool, it adds zero dollars as it is expected to be there.



Pool Owner Info #2: You must have a fence

This seems like a no-brainer, right? We want to drive the point home. Most insurance carriers require a 4-foot fence and a gate that locks if they will cover the pool. Other insurance carriers require a 6-foot fence. Either way – you’re gonna need one.

Even if the current owner doesn’t have a 4 or 6-foot fence, you need to be prepared to get one. After you purchase the home, an insurance inspection will happen. They will then give you notice to add it or get dropped by your insurance.




Pool Owner Info #3: Get rid of your diving board and slides

If you’re purchasing a home with a diving board and slide installed back in the 20th century – it’s time to take them down. They are an insurance nightmare, and many companies will not cover them at all.

If you’re set on keeping the slide, then find a company that will cover it. Plan on spending about another $500 per year, though!

Tim Brick from Expert Insurance suggests getting an umbrella policy to go with it. He notes that you can get one that raises your liability to $1M, and it’s about $300-$500 more per year.

That’s how serious having these items are!



Pool Owner Info #4: Resurfacing

Every 10-15 years, you will need to resurface a concrete pool. While you’re doing this, you will likely need to replace the waterline tile. The last time we checked, you can bank on $5 for each foot of internal surface area.

How do you know when to resurface the pool? The texture will be rough on your feet, cracking will be obvious, and peeling plaster are all signs it’s time to resurface.




Pool Owner Info #5: The Chemicals

Maintaining a pool year-round also has additional costs. At a minimum, you can bank on $1k a year for chlorine, soda ash, stabilizer, etc. This goes for above and below-ground pools. Some online sources will tell you it’s about $300 a year – but as a pool owner, I definitely spend more than that.

Saltwater pools will run you about $500 a year in maintenance, and the cell units cost about $700-$1000 to replace every 5 years.



Pool Owner Info #6: Filling it up

Despite what your friends tell you, the local fire department will not fill your pool for you. Also, you cannot call the sewage and water board to take the price of the water off because it’s not sewage. They don’t care.

When I filled my 10,000-gallon pool – it was an additional $350 on my water bill in Jefferson Parish. (And don’t even get me started on when I had to drain it twice due to chlorine lock)



Pool Owner Info #7: Tree and Leaves

My never-ending battle during the winter is constantly cleaning out leaves and tree twigs from my neighbor’s yard. Invest in a good pool vacuum to save your sanity.




Pool Owner Info #8: The fun

Oh my god. I have ZERO regrets about getting a pool. It has brought me loads of happiness and improved the hot New Orleans summers. I’ve had pool parties and used it as a backdrop with lights for other fun events in my yard. It was a solid investment.



Pool Owner info #9: Above or below ground

A below-ground pool is going to start around $40k to install. An above-ground pool, after purchase and installation, will start around $2500. That’s a big difference! Also, if you get tired of being a pool owner, you can take the pool down.

To make an above-ground pool look nicer, consider putting a deck or bar around it. The stereotypes of above-ground pools are waning since they are much more popular these days.



If you decide to buy a house with a pool, getting an inspection is a must!


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