An Afternoon In Algiers Point


It’s all so dreamy. That’s what I kept muttering to myself as my friend, Jonathan, & I strolled through the streets of Algiers Point. My very first apartment living alone was in this great, little New Orleans neighborhood. My friend Jonathan was ready to show me his favorite spots with the only stipulation being, “NO BARS!” He did not disappoint.


Nestled inside an old movie theater, is Rosetree Blown Glass Studio & Gallery. Jonathan knows Ms. Brenda, who is running the front of the house, and she was a delight! She welcomed me in, gave a very detailed history of their story and what it is all about. They waited 3 years to get in this historic building that was once a movie theater. One of my favorite aspects was that you can still tell what the building originally was. They respected its history and kept the original vibe.

Throughout the year, you can schedule to come to a “Blow your Own” session. That’s when you assist in the making of your own blown glass piece. They offer the chance to make tumblers, bowls, pumpkins, ornaments, and more. You can also schedule parties here!

Even if you don’t want to make your own, you can watch from the viewing area as Mark turns pieces of glass into amazing art. I couldn’t help myself and bought some gorgeous glassware for myself.

We were off again to continue the Algiers Point adventure!




Jonathan guided me down, closer to the river to go visit Beatrixbell Handcrafted Jewelry.

Beatrix was on hand to welcome us into her little shop that is tucked into what you might assume to just be a house. She makes all of her own jewelry and sells local soaps, candles, & cards – many made by other residents of Algiers Point!

She has only been in this location since right after Mother’s Day in 2017. If you’re an Eastbanker, jump on that ferry and get over here! I purchased new earrings, a necklace, and candles! You will not regret this trip.




For the last portion of our Algiers Point tour, Jonathan brought me by Congregation Coffee.

This local shop is loved by the residents in the Point. During the summer they had a delicious watermelon lemonade that I have told everyone about how exquisite it was. While they didn’t have any on hand this particular day, they did have hibiscus limeade. That limeade has a great balance of tartness and sweetness. My coffee drinking friends have told me how heavenly their brew is.


Congregation Coffee


This tour of Algiers Point was maybe a total of 8 blocks. It was so lovely to walk under crepe myrtles and say hello to people on their porches enjoying the river breeze, and kids playing in Confetti Park.

It made me miss my old apartment, too. As I thanked Jonathan for the tour and bid him farewell, I knew I would make many more trips back over to my old ‘hood. Algiers Point can easily capture your heart.


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A Tour of Algiers

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