A Tour of Algiers


Let me start by saying, I’m a tad partial to Algiers since I did grow up there. Feeling a little nostalgic, I wanted to show you a side that many don’t know exist, a side that has been around for 1967, and a brand new addition to the scene. The Algiers area is filled with people whose families have lived there for generations. Everyone truly knows your mama and them around here. It is now seeing an influx of new folks for its affordable prices as well. I will now show you some of my favorite aspects of it.


Lower Coast

Lower Coast Algiers


There a ton of New Orleans residents who don’t even know this place exists. If you get off the bridge and take Gen. De Gaulle ALLLLLLLLL the way down, cross the Woodland bridge, and loop around towards the river – only then, will you find Lower Coast Algiers.




There isn’t anything to do down there. They don’t even have a gas station. What’s wonderful about going down there is getting away from it all & taking in a scenic drive. There are huge homes on acres of land & also plenty of cows for your eyes to feast upon. You can turn off River Rd and go check out some of the horse farms that are hidden. If you want to just be alone and watch the river, then Lower Coast is the perfect spot for that. It’s a perfect place to be in the country, yet so close to the city.



Frames Inc.



Frames Inc is having their 50th anniversary this year. 50 YEARS! That’s a huge milestone for any business. But, if you have ever stepped foot into this shop – you will immediately know why they have this continued success.



David & David, that own and operate the shop, seem to remember every person who has ever walked through their doors. Not only do they handle all of your framing needs (they are actually reassembling a seaglass shark for me that broke in the mail & reframing it), but they are great resource for fun gifts & cards. When I say “fun gifts”, I mean the most adorable stuff that makes you want to buy one of everything. If you have somehow never been there, go today. You will likely become a frequent guest in their shop.


Rio Grande


When I texted Algiers resident Catherine Pretus (my sister) to see if she had been to Rio Grande before, I got an immediate “YES!!! It’s soooooo good!”  It’s not difficult to find, as it’s the VERY bright yellow building on Gen. Meyer.



First things first, the prices are super reasonable. Our entire lunch was around $15 for two people. I don’t eat meat any longer, so I had trust my lunch date to give a review. She says it’s the way the meat is seasoned to perfection that gives it the amazing taste. The vegetarian option was only beans and rice in a burrito shell. I was hoping for a little more, like a shrimp, squash, or nopales option. But, the queso made up for it all – there wasn’t a drop left! The true highlight for me was when one of my favorite Selena songs came on and the older gentleman cooking was singing along. That made my day!


Algiers Regional Library

Yeah, it’s a library. We all know what they have. But, this isn’t the same one that was there when I was growing up! They have two different computer labs – one for kids & the other for adults. They offer many classes and workshops to participate in as well. I’m looking forward to attending an adult crafting day!


Take a moment to go see all that Algiers has to offer!


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An Afternoon In Algiers Point

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