Avoid These Mistakes when Selling Your Home

avoid these mistakes when selling your home


Selling your home is a big deal. There is an upheaval in your day to day life. From keeping everything spic-n-span to just general stress, it’s not easy on anyone. However, you want to keep scrolling to find all the ways to avoid these mistakes when selling your home.


#1 Mistake when home selling: Overpricing your home

This happens ALL. THE. TIME. We find that sellers are under the misconception that they need to drastically overprice their homes so they can have “wiggle room.”

No. This just isn’t true. If we price your house correctly, your likely to get the number you want and get an offer much faster than your neighbor who priced their 50k higher.

We know when you meet multiple real estate agents, it’s easy to be swayed by the ones who quote you a crazy price. But, you should ask them to show you the proof. Look at the comparable houses with them to settle on a price that is realistic.



#2 Mistake when home selling: No staging and/or not decluttering

When a potential buyer comes to tour your home, they want to envision their life in this space. They want the feeling that shouts “YES! THIS IS MY HOME!”

The most common problems that derail a buyer from getting those feelings are your kid’s toys everywhere, outdated light fixtures, pet smells, and general messiness and clutter.

Before listing your home, you need to purge or pair down immensely what is in your home. Clear out the closets, get a POD, and get down the bare minimum while your house is listed. After we sell it, feel free to turn your house into an episode of Hoarders.

If your agent is suggesting staging your home, then you should do it. The stats show that staged homes sell faster and for more money.





#3 Mistake when home selling: Lack of curb appeal

Before the photographer shows up to snap beautiful images fo your home, please be sure you’ve planted fresh flowers. Also, cut the grass, trim the hedges, pressure wash the front, and wash the windows!

These all seem like common sense things to do – but too often sellers miss the mark on this.



#4 Mistake when home selling: Not re-painting

We know, we know. You want out of this house and painting can get pricey. Nevertheless, as your real estate agents, we might ask you to pay a pro and get this done. If your house hasn’t been repainted in over a decade, then it’s likely we will request you get a nice creamy white painted on these walls.

Trust us, it freshens up the house, and buyers will notice.





#5 Mistake when home selling: Not prepping for problems

Problems, you say? Like what?!

Well, before we get your house in the market, you should get your AC serviced and cleaned. If you’ve been dealing with a flickering fan, let’s get an electrician to take a look at it. Plumbing backing up? Let’s find out why.

Tackling potential problems on the front end will save deals and make you look like an awesome seller!



#6 Mistake when home selling: Rejecting low offers

What say you?! Why is this offer so low?!

Instead of working yourself up into a tizzy, let’s counter that offer. An offer is the start of a conversation and we hope to meet in the middle somewhere. Sometimes we don’t meet in the middle, and that’s ok.

But let’s not scoff at the offer presented to us. We can always counter with the full price!

Let me add, if your house is overpriced then this low offer might be more realistic though.



#7 Mistake when home selling: Taking it personally

Whether it’s the low-ball offer or what they ask for during the inspection period, the last thing you should do is take it personally. (And neither should your agent…)



#8 Mistake when home selling: Staying home for showings

Being home when buyers come to tour your house is not a good idea. We know you have the best of intentions, but buyers can’t relax and envision their new life with you creeping around.


rejecting low offers



#9 Mistake when home selling: Miscellaneous

Remember these items too:

  • Pick up your animal mess in the yard
  • Takedown any curtains that you don’t want staying with the home
  • Be ready for the inconvenience of selling your home
  • Small updates will go a long way



Let’s avoid these mistakes when selling your home! You and your real estate agent should have a solid game plan for listing your home.



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