Hot Hoods! May Edition

Hot hoods


Check out what the HOTTEST New Orleans neighborhoods were from May 2019! (Scroll down to see all the hot hoods in text form!)



Here’s the rundown of the hottest New Orleans neighborhoods, aka hot hoods, for the month of May:

  • 0-100k: Algiers
  • 100k-200k: Algiers & New Orleans East
  • 200k-300k: 7th Ward
  • 300k-400k: Gentilly
  • 400k-500k: Navarre
  • 500k-750k: Lakeview & East Carrollton
  • 750k-1 Million: Lakeview
  • 1M & Up: Uptown


What do these hot hoods mean? 

With sales in Algiers spanning from below $100k to the $200k range, it tells us that they are affordable options for investment property and people looking to buy and live in the home.

New Orleans East has been consistently seeing lots of sales in the $100-$200k range. This tells us that people are taking advantage of the affordability it provides.

The 7th Ward has been seeing prices creep up and higher and higher; but not on every block!

Gentilly prices should not be a shock to anyone. You can find quality new builds in this neighborhood.

Navarre doesn’t make it on the list of hot hoods very often because it’s a small neighborhood. Heck, some people don’t even know where it is! (It’s nestled between City Park and Lakeview.) This price point is common for the area.

Lakeview got a nice bump this into the hot hood price range of 750k to 1 million. We have seen most of the prices linger around 400-500k historically in the past year.

Uptown winning the over million dollar category is a surprise! Typically this area sits comfortably in the 600k to 900k price point – so this is a little bit of a jump for them.


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