Best Apps for Homeowners

Best apps for homeowners


Welcome to homeownership! From lawn care to maintenance, your house needs to be taken care of and loved on. How does one keep track of all this information, though? Well, thanks to living in the most technologically advanced time – we have apps for EVERYTHING! (Including the best apps for homeowners!)


Check out the very best apps for homeowners that we could find! 


Homeowner App #1: Centriq

Deemed an all-in-one home management app, Centriq put everything you need to fix and maintain your home. You can store model numbers, serial numbers, and owner’s manuals for all your appliances. Snap a pic, and Centriq knows which device is which. Not only do they know appliances – but they electronics and tools too! They will even add warranties and how-to videos for your items. 

Lastly, you can personalize all your info for your house right into this one app! From troubleshooting, finding parts and supplies, and reminders – this is a must-have app for all homeowners. 



Homeowner App #2: My Lawn

My Lawn is an app offered by Scott’s, a household name in lawn care. This app is easy to use that guides you on a lawn maintenance plan. My Lawn even tells you what to buy, when to buy it, and when to apply to keep your lawn looking it’s very best. 

You can even calculate your lawn size, ask for help, and customize your plan all at your fingertips. My favorite feature: you can do water tracking with how much rain is in your area! 



Homeowner App #3: ColorSnap Visualizer

Do you loathe the idea of going through a million paint colors trying to decide what would look good in your house? Then this is the perfect app for you! Sherwin Williams allows you to take a pic of your room and “try on” colors from their full collection. 

Find the perfect paint color, and then grab your sample. (Because no matter what you’re going to need to see the color on your wall in person)




Homeowner App #4: ZapMaid

Do you need a last-minute cleaning of your home, rental property, or office? ZapMaid makes it super easy to get a cleaning person scheduled in 24 hours. 

All you have to do is snap pics of the rooms, upload them, and give them some details. Shortly after, you will have a confirmation along with knowing who is coming to your house! If you’re incredibly particular, look through the cleaning profiles to see who might be the best fit for you. 



Homeowner App #5: HomeZada

Stop what you’re doing and download this app immediately. HomeZada will create a home inventory of your home! You can upload pics, or snap them right from the app, to customize the items that are in your home. 

Why do you need this inventory? If something were to happen to your house (think flood or fire) – you now have a proper list to use for all your destroyed possessions. This app will be vital when it comes to an insurance claim. Also, use this to ensure you have enough insurance coverage! 

You can upload your warranties and manuals to the app – or use Centriq listed above to handle that for you. 

Our favorite thing about it” Because of unlimited photo and document storage, you can easily make a Household Inventory PDF that is crucial and time-saving when handing over to your insurance agent or estate attorney. 



Homeowner App #6: CamToPlan

This augmented reality tape measure helps you measure anything in your home! Whether you need horizontal or vertical  – you can measure the length, distance, and area of any surface. 

You can also measure the dimensions of walls, windows, and doors. Now you don’t have to worry about climbing up a ladder to see how long of a curtain rod you will need! Our favorite feature – you don’t need to remove furniture for it to be accurate either. 


Homeowner app


Homeowner App #7: GreenPal

Dubbed the Uber for your yard, you can use GreenPal to find someone to cut your lawn nearby! All you have to do is offer yard info, like the size, and then you can compare prices. The best part – schedule and pay it all online. 



Homeowner App #8: Houzz

This one has been a personal favorite for years now. It is a home design, improvement, and inspiration app. The offer all the info you need on remodeling and decorating. Also, it’s much easier to use than Pinterest. You can also read reviews and search other projects to find the right contractor or professional for the job. If you love something you see on Houzz, you can typically buy it too. 



Homeowner App #9: TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit – where have you been, and why am I just now finding this?! Absolutely one of the best apps for homeowners – you can use this app to get a same day handyman, moving services, delivery, and more.

What’s the more, you ask? No-contact errands, shopping, mounting shelves, and furniture assembly are included in TaskRabbit. This app is perfect for the non-handy or super busy people who need to get things done.

For something as simple as moving furniture up the stairs, but your bad back isn’t prepared for that, hire someone from TaskRabbit for the job. 



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