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There are days when I really want to give back to our community but haven’t been through all the hoops that most require. A lot of volunteering opportunities require extensive training and time commitments. (Which, I totally get. We don’t want any Joe Blow waltzing in and offer to counsel somewhere without training!) But, I wanted to track down the ways to lend a hand without having to commit to every weekend.



Help at a local park 

On the 1st Saturday of every month, Coliseum Square Park asks for volunteers to come out and help keep the fountain and park clean. They provide water & snacks, but ask that you please bring gloves and rakes if you have them! Meet them at 9 am at the fountain.

Also the 1st Saturday of the month, City Park calls upon volunteers to come clean up. Meet at 1009 Harrison & make sure to bring your own snacks & water.


Help feed our community

Second Harvest Food Bank is always looking for a little extra help, especially during the holidays and for disaster response. Volunteering with them is as easy as filling out an app online and then picking a date and time to go in!


Books & Pets & Gardens & Compost 



Louisiana Books for Prisoners asks for help every Sunday from 4-7 pm at 2523 George Nick Conner Dr. All you have to do is show up! Since they do have a small workspace – if you plan on bringing a group, please give them advance notice.



ARNO needs you too! To become a volunteer to help take care of pets, that will require a little more work. (Don’t let me hold you back!) But, if all you have is a few spare hours in a day, consider being a “Laundry Angel.” All it requires is your own washer and dryer! Come grab a bag of laundry to wash and dry for them and just drop back off. They especially need your help in the winter months when they use a lot of blankets.


Let’s not forget about Press Street Gardens! They are self-described as a “substantial community green space and learning laboratory, as well as a source for locally grown food.” That works for me! Meet at 7 Press St., every Wednesday from 4-7 pm.


Last, but not least, Compost N.O.W. is always looking for an extra hand. All you have to do is sign up for a Saturday at Rosa Keller Library. It’s easy – it really just involves talking to people while they drop off their food waste. 10:30 am – Noon.



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