Costs of Selling Your Home

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When it comes time to sell your home, you’re going to have your expected costs and then there are the unexpected costs. Many home sellers anticipate paying a commission, but they forget the other time and money spent getting your house ready to hit the market.

No matter if you’re a first-time home seller or a seasoned one, everyone can use a refresher!



Selling Cost #1: Commission

Real estate agents are paid based on a negotiated commission between the two parties. This professional fee is paid at the closing and compensates your selling agent and the buyer’s agent for negotiating and running the entire transaction.



Selling Cost #2: Painting

Whether it’s touch-up paint or repainting your entire living room, you’re going to have to hire someone or head to Sherwin Williams. Trust us, if you want to sell quickly, it’s time to pull out the paintbrushes!



Selling Cost #3: Storage

If you live in a traditional New Orleans home, you may find yourself lacking space for all your belongings. You may even have a couple of closets completely crammed with items.

The thing is, buyers are going to open all those closets. And if your house is overflowing with “stuff”, it’s going to seem small and very crowded. Check into a POD or ZippyShell and clear some of the clutter!



Selling Cost #4: Movers

This seems to be an obvious one that many home sellers forget about! (Especially if you’re moving out the same day of closing to move into another place)

Even if you’re going old school and enlisting the help of friends, make sure you remember to secure a moving van ASAP. Too many people have found out the week of closing that no trucks are available for the day needed!



Selling Cost #5: Cleaning

Before we list your home and when you move out, the house should be spic and span! If you’re not the type who can clean a fridge and the ceiling fans, then it might be best to hire a professional who can.

When we hit the market, we should make sure your home will shine. And when it comes time to move out, you should always leave the house in the very best condition. (We always tell people to leave it how you’d like to find it)



Selling Cost #6: Staging

No matter if your home is vacant or you’re still living there, staging can change the entire atmosphere. Stats show a staged home sells for 17% more than ones that don’t have any staging at all.

How do you stage a home that is occupied? Our stager can rearrange your furniture, declutter, and add in pieces if need be. Costs will vary.



Selling Cost #7: Closing out permits

If you live in a historic district and got a permit to do work on your home, ask yourself “Did I ever close out that permit?” If you’re not sure, head to the city’s One Stop App to check your address.

Open permits will definitely need to be closed out and may cost you some money if you didn’t complete that project properly.



Selling your home will be stressful + emotional. We can help alleviate that. 


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