COVID-19 & Real Estate: What To Know


Updated: 3/30/2020

While the city of New Orleans prepares to tackle COVID-19 and cancels events across the city, many people are still wondering about real estate. Is this now a bad time to buy or sell? Should they stop everything they’re doing?


First things first – don’t panic. 

While everyone at home has apparently gotten their medical degrees overnight, you should listen to the advice of actual medical professionals and the CDC.

Wash your hands, properly. Don’t go out if you’re sick. STAY HOME. And if you suspect that you’ve contracted COVID-19, follow the advice of the CDC.



Well, now let’s discuss not panicking with your real estate. 

Buyers are still buying. Sellers are still selling. The real estate market is not crashing. In fact, many investors are beginning to put their cash into real estate and not back into the stock market.

Interest rates and loan qualifications are changing weekly, daily, and even hourly. Contact a local lender for current information.




How are we, as real estate agents, responding to COVID-19. 

No more open houses. No more broker tour. We want to work responsibly.

And we are going to ask if anyone has been displaying signs of being ill, have recently traveled to an infected country, etc.

As your real estate agent, we need to be mindful of your space as well. We certainly don’t want people traipsing through if they are just looky-loos. Speaking of that…

Don’t be offended if we absolutely require you to be pre-approved for a mortgage BEFORE scheduling any appointments to view homes.

To slow the spread of coronavirus, we don’t want to needlessly go in and out of other’s homes if you aren’t quite ready to purchase yet.


UPDATE: as of 3/20/2020 We have changed the way we are showing homes to potential buyers. Reach out to us for all the details. 




We just have to shift. 

This too shall pass. We just don’t know when yet. But, since us Realtors are in a public-facing job – it’s our duty to show you the new way of doing business, for now.

As we prep to list your home or to bring you out to visit potential new homes – we just need to be mindful.

Leave a bottle of hand sanitizer near your front door! 

Be prepared to clean all surfaces before and after showings! 

If you live in the home we are listing and you do not absolutely need to sell right now – just wait. 



Team Be New Orleans is happy to make all of your home buying and selling dreams come true – even in midst of this pandemic.

In the past few days, even as things unfold, we have been in bidding wars, we have been to home inspections, we have written offers; real estate is still trucking forward.


Need a couple of great agents to help you buy or sell? Message us!


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