Dance Like No One is Watching

Picture it, Mardi Gras in New Orleans in nineteen eighty…. something. Young children were shaking their groove thangs to every band that came by.  The only dance teams you saw were either the ones marching with the bands or the Gold Dusters, as they are eternal. Fast forward to 2018 and we are now being told by the city they would like to cut down on the amount of marching groups because we have so many filling up the parades. Marching groups are one of my favorite parts of the festivities, so I wanted to shine some light on the troupes who are killing it every year.


Roux La La

Formed in 2009, Roux La La was the only group (at the time) that wasn’t named after any female anatomy. They instead opted for a name that screamed New Orleans. The ladies of Roux La La love seeing the crowds reaction to their theme – as it changes every year! They grace us with new costumes & music each Mardi Gras. They also march in Decadence, Pride, & Krewe of Boo. Make sure to find them in King Arthur, Thoth, Nyx, & Morpheus this year and grab one of their coveted decorated spoons!


The Organ Grinders

The Organ Grinders formed in 2010 with the philosophy of “Love you, Love your body!” They frown at any self-deprecation or body shaming of others. These “Sexah Monkeys” have over 30 pieces of choreography and dance the entire parade route with DJ Fayard Lindsey blasting their songs. The Organ Grinders host a huge blood drive every year while also sewing their own costumes and decorating their truck themselves – over 20,000 hand glued sequins are attached to their truck every year. Fun fact! They allow men & women to audition every 2 years but have not had a man try out in 5 years. Catch this awesome group in Barkus, Druids, Muses, & Tucks!


The Muff-a-lottas

The Muff-a-lottas; Photo credit to Gary Waddle

The Muff-a-lottas formed in 2009 and named after one of our favorite, local sandwiches. They are themed after retro diner waitresses who shimmy around. With one of the best music selections around, you will hear songs from Ernie K. Doe, Shirley Ellis, The Dixie Cups, & Fats Domino – as all of their playlist has a New Orleans connection! Try to grab one of their awesome Muff-a-lottas medallion beads, sunglasses, scarves, koozies, pencils, compacts, or temporary tattoos at Cleopatra, Pontchartrain, Nyx, & Tucks.


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