The Dead Zone: What happens after appraisal & before closing

New Orleans Real Estate


The appraisal for your New Orleans home is done. We have the results and it’s all good!

We are now in that dreaded dead zone between appraisal and the closing date.


There is literally NOTHING for us to do. 


Well, there are a couple of things for *you* to do. You can:

  • Finalize your insurance.
  • Get any last-minute documents over to your lender.
  • Call utility companies.
  • Forward your mail.
  • PACK!
  • Hire movers.
  • Purge stuff. Don’t bring trash to your new house!


Truly, we are in the waiting period before we get your final clear to close and the final walkthrough. No need to worry – this is normal. Be sure to get any additional information to your lender ASAP when they ask for it during this time!


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