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All home buyers and homeowners have questions regarding flooding. Whether it’s about neighborhood flooding, Hurricane Katrina flooding, or what a flood zone even is – you’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers.


What flood zones will I find in New Orleans?

In the metro area, the most commonly found flood zones are A, AE, A1-30, B, C, and X. Out of these, the most desirable flood zones are B, C, & X. They are more desirable because you’re not required to have flood insurance. However, you should note that the insurance is not always cheaper just because you’re in one of the more desirable flood zones.


Why are the other flood zones less desirable?

The flood insurance in those areas is typically higher. You’re looking at a minimum of $600/year, and we have seen one house pay over 10k a year for flood insurance.



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How do I get my flood insurance cheaper?

There are a few solutions – but not all will work for you.

  1. The first one is getting an elevation certificate. This piece of paper tells you where your house sits in relation to base flood elevation. If your house sits higher, it typically offers a lower premium.
  2. The next way to lower the flood insurance is to raise the house higher. Lifting your home can be quite costly and will require other repairs after doing so.
  3. If you live in a raised basement home (and the bottom half of the house is only for storage and/or a garage), you can add flood vents to the property. Once doing so, the insurance provider will not consider it as living space, and the insurance costs will drop dramatically since your living space sits so much higher.


It’s not about Hurricane Katrina…

Many people think Hurricane Katrina is the basis for which flood zones are which. This isn’t true.

Flood zones are based on base flood elevation (BFE). BFE is decided from local topography, historical weather information, and science.

Here is a link to the FEMA website to learn more about base flood elevation.


NOTE: As of October 2021, FEMA has changed the way they compute flood insurance prices based on various factors.





Should I get flood insurance if I live in flood zones X, B, or C?

We recommend getting flood insurance no matter where you live.


How do I find the flood zone for a house? 

Head over to this handy map, punch in the address, and VOILA! If, for some reason, it doesn’t provide you with a flood zone, contact your real estate or insurance agent to get the accurate zone.



Have other flood insurance questions? Message us so we can direct you to a great insurance provider! 


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